Popular YouTube photography enthusiasts, Mango Street are back! And today, they’re here to show you how to take perfect moody photos the right way using natural light and exposure.

As photographers, it’s important to know how to take both moody photos and bright & airy photos—usually, photographers fall into either of the two styles. Let’s dive in!

Taking Moody Photos with Mango Street

We love everything Mango Street puts out! So it’s no wonder we would want to bring this video to our readers! Daniel and Rachel are always coming out with fresh new content that aims to WOW their viewers.

In this video, Rachel stresses the importance of photographers knowing which style is more attractive to them: Moody or Light & Airy. She says it’s important to have a good grasp of both, but here, they’re going to go over how to take perfect moody photos.

The great thing about this video is that they’re not just telling you how to do it, they’re actually working with a model and showing you how to achieve these kinds of photos in real-time

Rachel says, “Some photographers define moody by the literal mood of the subjects in the photos. If the subject looks sad or angsty, they’ll call that moody. Some photographers contrive moodiness in their photos in post-production by doing things like altering the sky or adding dark gradients to their photos. But moody photos can be achieved without people or major alterations in post. It’s mostly about the natural light and how you expose for it and it’s actually quite simple.”

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