It’s been about six months since I’ve switched from a Canon DSLR to a Fuji X-T1, and the only thing I miss is my camera hand strap. Because of the small size of the Fuji and thus, the small grip, there isn’t a great option (that I have found) for a solid, attractive, hand strap. So, I began testing out some wrist straps, because honestly, I’m clumsy, and I’m deathly afraid of tripping over an unassuming cement block during a wedding and face-planting in front of 200 guests including the bride and groom. Again.

Currently, I have a camera strap I use from Peak Design, which I love, but the camera still bumps into things around the height of a table. So my search for a hand strap or wrist strap continues. The following video caught my eye because not only is it DIY (which I love), but the wrist strap is a paracord bracelet which is very trendy at the moment. Paracord bracelets are made of a lightweight cord originally used in the suspension lines of a parachute and became a fashion accessory a few years back (Plus, it’s handy if you ever need a rope).

Youtuber Bo Ismono demonstrates in this ~3:00minute video, how to make the following wrist strap:

DIY-camera-wrist-strapUsing only a handful of items, the most difficult part is braiding (tying) the cord (which I’m sure my 10-year-old could figure out as an art project). You only need a carabiner, a key ring, some para cord, a lighter, measuring tape and some sharp scissors.

What do you think? Is this something you would make for your camera?

[Via Reddit]