Check out this new instant film camera from Lomography!  Freshly establishing their Kickstarter campaign with 29 days still left, there are already 2,500 backers and their initial goal of $100,000 was reached three times over! It’s safe to say we’ll be seeing lots of these cameras around.

With Instagram re-popularizing the vintage film effect, ‘polaroid’ style cameras have seen a resurgence lately. So, it makes sense for Lomography to release its very first instant film camera, the Lomo ‘Instant Cam.’ It will be competing against the likes of the Fujufilm Instax series and the Polaroid 300 series cameras.lomography- announces-instant-film-camera-1

What is This Lomography Film Camera?

The Lomo ‘Instant Cam is boasting fully automatic shooting capability with full control of long exposures and apertures. Users will have a +/- 2 EV of exposure compensation, cable shutter release and it will have a motorized film printing system.

lomography- announces-instant-film-camera-3

Some other features the Lomography Film Camera features:

  • Advanced Lens System: One built in wide angle lens, plus additional fisheye and portraits lens attachments available.
  • 3 Shooting Modes: Shoot with auto-flash or take full control with manual mode (with and without flash)
  • Unlimited Multiple Exposures: Combine different shots into one frame.
  • Inifnite Long Exposures: Shoot in low light and get creative with light painting possibilities.
  • Color Gels: Transform your photos with color(on your flash)
  • Easy 2 Step-Focusing: Snappy focusing with the ability to focus at .4m away
  • Uses Fujifilm Instax Mini Film: One of the most popular instant films and very affordable.
  • Tripod Mount: ability to mount the camera for steady long exposures.


lomography- announces-instant-film-camera-2