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Life After Adobe Cutting The Cord – Adobe CC Alternatives

By Joseph Cristina on July 10th 2019

In this video series entitled “Life After Adobe Cutting The Cord” I approach the topic as a professional photographer, product designer, and educator that has been using Adobe software for well over 20 years.

If you’re tired of renting your creative software from Adobe and want to check out 100% subscription free Adobe alternatives that are either free or have a one-time purchase price, you’ve come to the right place!

Adobe may have recently caused a revolt by A/B testing an increase to their Photography Plan, discontinuing older than 2 versions back downloadables, and issuing a warning to their customers that they MUST IMMEDIATELY DELETE all older Adobe software on their computers or risk possible infringement claim from a third party.

Delving into this dark world where so many creatives have been fearful to go my goal with this series, “Life After Adobe Cutting The Cord” is NOT to bash Adobe products rather explore current alternatives available to photographers, illustrators, video editors, musician, and all other creatives while addressing the dogma deep-rooted in the industry that you MUST use Adobe software if you want to be seen as a professional.

With today’s vast number of Adobe software alternatives, it’s my hypothesis, that creatives no longer need to be beholden to a single creative software monopoly and pay ad nauseam for products that can be remotely rendered inoperable at a moment’s notice. Stop paying your subscription and receive a warning: This is the last time you will be able to open Adobe XYZ product. Contact us immediately to renew your subscription.

Watch my journey, voice your opinion, share your experience, and interact with thousands of creatives just like you in the comment area below these videos.

Please watch the first video in this saga here and if time permits, check out the entire ever-growing YouTube Playlist where I’ll be covering Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, AfterEffects, Audition and more SUBSCRIPTION FREE ADOBE ALTERNATIVES in this series.

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Joseph is the inventor of the patent-pending Focus Pyramid, an auto-focus lens calibration tool used by many photo and video professionals around the world. The PRT – Photo Reference Tool for dialing in White Balance at the time of capture or in post-production and has just launch Aurora Camera Care a division of J.Cristina Photography Tools which specializes in the care of Camera Sensors, Lens and more. He continues to give back to the creative community by authoring educational eBooks and videos and creating software to assist fellow creative professionals.

From his roots in fine art and design to his many years of photographic experience, Joseph’s day-to-day collaborations produce content that moves and inspires while his many products help make dreams a reality.

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  1. Dan Umberger

    Joe, as far as Photoshop alternatives, what about Photopea?  It’s a free web-based PS look-alike.

    | |
    • Joseph Cristina

      Great web-based software. It always depends on your needs. I will cover a bunch of alternatives in future videos. Stay-Tuned.

      | |
  2. Cary McCaughey

    I for one have scoped out all of these products and have to say I’m thoroughly enjoying not being on Adobe atleast for the short period of time I get to use them.

    Being a wedding photographer, however, I wish they had a program like Lightroom that would replace my Adobe suite.  I know there is C1 so I will have to delve deeper.  I’m really over having to be held captive by super awful Adobe products.

    | |
    • Joseph Cristina

      Completely understand. I’m actually working on the Adobe Lightroom alternative vlog as we speak. I’ve been going through a bunch of alternatives from free to paid and there’s manyu that will do the job but I’m trying to find the one that can tick off all of the boxes, so to speak,  before releasing the video.  Sub to the channel and join the community. There are a lot of folks just like you and me that are of great help. Thanks, Cary for adding to the discussion.

      | |