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Learn The Basics of Adobe Lightroom Classic | A Mango Street Tutorial

By David J. Crewe on May 30th 2019

The popular YouTube channel ran by Mango Street recently released a free video that’s a crash course on Adobe Lightroom. This masterclass will quickly train you in the basics of Lightroom in less than 30 minutes (it’s 28 minutes and 49 seconds, to be precise).

“We cover everything a new user needs to know to get up and running with Lightroom so they can edit their photos with confidence. We’ll assume you have zero experience in Lightroom and we’ll show you what you need to know in order to start editing the way you want.”

Adobe Lightroom is one of the most common and essential applications for photography, RAW processing, and image organizing. So getting up & running as quickly and efficiently as possible is an incredible head-start.

Here’s an index of the different sections & the timestamps at which they’re found:

  • 00:41: Getting Started
  • 03:06: Library Module
  • 04:58: Develop Module
  • 06:27: Histogram
  • 07:03: Tools
  • 10:58: Basic Adjustments
  • 14:02: Tone Curve
  • 15:41: HSL
  • 17:06: Split Toning
  • 18:04: Detail
  • 19:35: Lens Corrections
  • 21:42: Transform
  • 22:19: Effects
  • 22:46: Calibration
  • 23:43: Editing Faster
  • 25:27: Exporting

What do you think? Did you managed to learn something from the Mango Street team? Pick up a new tip you never knew about? Let us know in the comments below.

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