We want to compile an awesome industry survey resource for 2015 on current “average” pay rates for 3rd, 2nd and Lead Shooters.

This survey will take less than 1-2 minutes, and we will compile all of the results for an article to be featured on SLR Lounge. All results will be completely anonymous and provided simply in an overall statistical format. Please help us to keep the integrity of this survey by being HONEST!

Before participating, please read the following guide:

1. Consistent Work

Please base your responses on how much you typically pay, or get paid. Don’t provide responses based on “One-time I was paid…” or how much you would pay if you were in a pinch.

2. Be Honest

Everyone is underpaid, we know. We all deserve more. Please base rates on what you actually pay or receive, rather than what you feel you should pay or receive.

3. Only Day Of Rates

If your shooting rates include pay for culling/editing/meetings/planning/etc, please break them out. Rates should only be for actual shoot time. We will do another survey later on post-production rates.

4. Convert to USD

Please convert all currency to USD before entering your response. No need to answer in Japanese Yen and throw the entire thing off =)

5. Don’t Comment Regarding Rates

Please don’t go posting in comments who pays what, or how much you get paid. Let’s keep this classy and confidential!

Take the Survey

Please participate by taking the survey at