Many of you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that you can do basic photo touch ups directly in Lightroom. In fact, often times we can complete all of our touch ups in Lightroom without having to take our images into Photoshop at all.

The Lightroom Spot Removal Tool is incredibly powerful and easy to use when removing small bits of garbage from your image, removing blemishes or dirt on a face, or just simply fixing dust spots from your sensor that are showing in your image.

In this Lightroom video tutorial, we will be showing you how to remove small bits of garbage from the background of your image using the Clone and Heal features of the Spot Removal Tool in Lightroom, as well as remove the dirt and blemishes from our subject’s face.

Lightroom Retouching Video 2


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Retouching portraits in Lightroom? Yes, that’s right, you heard correctly. In fact, Lightroom’s Local Area Adjustments including the Spot Removal Tool and Adjustment Brush Tool are extremely powerful when it comes to retouching portraits. In fact, more often then not, you can take care of 90% of your retouching work right in Lightroom.

In this Lightroom video tutorial, we are going to work through retouching an entire close up portrait of yours truly. We will be removing blemishes, smoothing skin, brightening eyes and even healing out eye bags.

Why a self-portrait you ask? Well, because I wanted to use an image that required a lot of work, to better help you all learn. However, I couldn’t see any clients with images needing heavy retouching being happy that there images were used for this tutorial (despite having signed model releases).

So, for this tutorial which is Part I in the How to Retouch Portraits tutorial set, we will work on my self portrait. In the next tutorial, we will use the same techniques we learn here (along with a couple of new techniques) and apply it to an actual professional shot of one of our beautiful models.