Since its release in 2007, the iPhone has become one of the most popular tech gadgets of all time, and it still holds a place at the top of the smartphone pack for annual sales. Although the iPhone was not the first camera phone, its superior camera function raised the bar for the industry and took the first steps toward establishing camera phones as a legitimate tool for professional photographers and videographers alike. It’s amazing what you can capture with an iPhone (or other camera phones) these days. What’s even better is that the photos you take on your iPhone need not remain in the digital realm. You can save your iPhone pics from cyber oblivion and bring them to life in print. We’ll show you how to print from iPhone (without the fuss of cables, Bluetooth connection, etc.) using the following two methods:

  1. How to Print from iPhone with Apple AirPrint
  2. How to Print from iPhone without Apple AirPrint

How to Print from iPhone with Apple AirPrint

The beauty of utilizing AirPrint-enabled devices is that you can easily access and print documents while retaining their full quality. The graphics remain vivid and sharp from digital copy to print. What’s more, using this unique Apple feature eliminates the process of installing drivers and configuring printer settings.

You should be able to use any of the following devices to take advantage of this printing option:

  • Any model of iPad
  • A third-generation iPod touch
  • iPhone (3Gs or later)
  • Printer with Wi-Fi capability (ideally with AirPrint compatible software)

Don’t forget to update your chosen handset to the latest version of iOS and check whether the printer you’ll use has AirPrint compatible software.

1. Connect Your Devices to the Same Wi-Fi Connection

Enable your printer’s AirPrint function and connect it to the Wi-Fi connection you intend to use. Then, connect your iPhone to the same Wi-Fi connection.

How to Print from iPhone, Step 2. Hit the Share Button and Select the Printer

Print from iPhone first steps
Hit the share button (left) and then scroll down and select “Print” (right)

Access the document from AirPrint-supported apps you have, such as Photos, Safari, Evernote, or Mail. From there, click the share button. The share button will look like an arrow that resembles a reply or forward icon, or a box with an arrow pointing up from the center. From there, scroll down and select print.

Print from iPhone 03 04

Your phone will then scan nearby printers. Select your printer.

3. Customize Print Settings

Print options
**Make sure to replace your ink cartridge before printing.

Once you select the printer, you can now customize print settings. You can choose the number of copies printed. Or, specify the range of the document you need to print. At the same time, you can select whether you want the document in black and white or colored. You can also choose from a number of media options, including printer paper, photo paper, and more.

How to Print from iPhone, Step 4. Print.

After deciding on the printer settings, you can now go ahead and tap the “print” button to print your document.

How to Print from iPhone without Apple AirPrint

If your printer does not have AirPrint compatible software, you should still be able to print from your iPhone using an app from the printer’s manufacturer (such as the HP Smart iOS app for HP Printers) or a 3rd-party app that will help you get the print job done. Here’s the info you need to know how to print from iPhone without Apple AirPrint.

1. Install and Open the Manufacturer or 3rd-Party App

The first thing you’ll need to do is find the appropriate app and install it. If you’re using a Canon printer, for example, download and install the relevant Canon app from the App Store. The same is true for HP printer users and so on.

2. Locate Your Photos Directly Through the App

Once the app is open, you should be able to navigate directly to your photos through the app. Each manufacturer and 3rd-party app is going to look different, but most are simple enough to navigate. It’s usually as easy as choosing selecting your printer (ensure your printer’s wi-fi is enabled) and clicking on an easy-to-find “print” button. From there, your photo album options should appear, at which point you can select and print your photos. If you have trouble with this section, you should be able to visit the manufacturer’s website and find info on how to print from iPhone for your specific printer.

Do you find the steps included above on how to print from iPhone helpful? Do you have other tips and tricks on how to print from your phone or tablet? Don’t forget to share in the comments below!

**Featured image by Karolina Grabowska