The world of budget-friendly lighting for photographers just got a little bit brighter with Godox’s new R200 Ring Flash Head Kit. This new addition to the Godox/Flashpoint family, which is essentially a new flash head in the shape of a ring light, offers users of the popular AD200 and AD200Pro (or eVOLV 200) lines the unique lighting qualities of a powerful ring flash in a compact, highly portable package.

The R200 Ring Flash connects to your existing AD200 or AD200Pro flash unit (which is required) and makes for a lightweight alternative to the Godox AR400 Ring Light. At half the weight (under one-and-a-half pounds) and power (200Ws) of the AR400, it still packs plenty of punch for outdoor flash and is light enough to carry just about anywhere. With a color temp of 5,800K (+/- 200K), the R200 also includes a 10W modeling lamp with low, medium, and high power settings that measures in at 4,500K (+/- 300K).

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Mount, Hold, or Carry the Godox R200

You can mount the R200 directly to your camera, or else place it on a stand or in a free hand for off-camera flash. Also, to increase mobility, the R200 comes with a sleek, cross-body carrying pouch with a shoulder strap, eliminating the need to carry a larger backpack to transport the flash unit.

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Accessories for the Godox R200 Ring Flash

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Along with the new R200 Ring Flash, Godox has introduced a number of new affordable accessories that will further increase the R200’s versatility, including modifiers like a specially designed umbrella bracket, a reflector dish, honeycomb grids, and gels, among others. Many are included in the kit, or you can pick them up separately for anywhere between $29 and $65. A carrying bag for the entire kit and accessories is also available for $99.

Video: Godox R200 Ring Flash

Godox R200 Ring Flash Kit Price & Value

At $279, the Godox 7.4” diameter R200 Ring Flash Kit provides a great value for the versatility it offers. It includes the Ring Flash, a foldable bracket and umbrella bracket, as well as a reflector and a carry bag. True, you’re going to need to purchase an AD200 or AD200Pro if you don’t already have one in order to use the R200 (so factor in an additional $299 to $349), but the combined price is still lower than much of the competition and chances are you were due to add a flash or two to your arsenal anyway.

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Whether you hail from the school of run-and-gun photography or you’re just looking for new ways to shape and control light, this ring light has something to offer. As one of the larger-sized flash heads you’ll have in your bag, the R200 will give your AD200 or AD200Pro the means to create a soft quality of light and captivating catchlights in your subject’s eyes. What’s not to love? The R200 Flash Head Kit is available for pre-order now, but a release date is still forthcoming.