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14 Apr 2024

Bare Bulb Flash

Description: A bare bulb flash is a flash or light source without any reflectors or light modifiers attached.

. A direct flash, sometimes is the exact right kind of light that you want for your shots. A small flash, relative to the subject, is going to be a hard lightwith a very defined edge between the light and the shadow.

With no modification, it’s coming strait out, so that means the light going to be very specular, i.e. it’s not going to be diffused. We have a very, kind of edgy and hard edge light to this, so what would it look good shooting with? If what we’re going for is an editorial raw and edgy look, then this is the exact right kind of light. In fact it might even look better than other kinds of light that might be softer for this particular situation. This an effect that is used a lot in say, music and editorial and fashion photography. All these genres where they need to create that more edgy and raw look, that unprocessed unmodified type look.

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