While instant film is still commonly referred to as “Polaroid” by the masses, the new king of instant is truly Fujifilm with their Instax brand. Over the years they’ve developed an extensive array of instant cameras as well as printers that can take any image and print it on instant film. Instax film has even become a standard medium among other manufacturers, having been adopted by the likes of Leica in their Sofort cameras and MiNT in their instant TLR offerings.

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Instax Mini varieties are the most commonly used, but there are also Wide and Square formats. The Wide film is a significantly larger rectangle than the Mini, and Square harkens to the glory days of Polaroid (contentiously, actually), though it is smaller than the old standard.

If you’re looking for an Instax camera or printer, you may be overwhelmed with the options. There are currently eight Fujifilm devices that work with Instax film, and they all have different features, though sometimes the differences are subtle. To help you decipher them all and choose the best fit for you, Photography Concentrate has created a detailed comparison video. 

In it, Lauren Lim has the entire assortment on hand and discusses the inner workings of each, from the bubbly, basic, and toy-looking Mini 9 to the hybrid SQ10 Instax Square which takes and stores digital photos and prints on demand. Also included are the two printers, which can take your mobile photos and more and commit them to film.

The video is mid-length, coming in at about half an hour, and will save you some time and energy if you want to consider the entire 2018 Instax lineup. Check it out below.