We’ve teamed up with Profoto to provide photographers with a comprehensive Flash Photography Guide filled with techniques ranging from beginner to advanced to help level up your flash photography skills. The goal of this guide is to help you achieve professional results during real-world shoots. Photographers are oftentimes working in less-than-ideal scenes with absolutely no time to spare. These techniques will give you fast and simple lighting recipes to yield extraordinary results using on and off-camera flash and modifiers.

Download Pye’s Flash Photography Guide

The content of this guide is based on “Slice of Pye,” a series of videos that can be found on Profoto’s IGTV. Each tutorial found in this e-book teaches you how to accomplish flash techniques, from beginner to advanced level, using Pye’s C.A.M.P. Framework. Once you enter your e-mail, you will receive a download link in your inbox where you can access the guide. At the start of each lesson, you can scan the corresponding QR code to watch a video tutorial from Pye’s ‘Slice of Pye’ IGTV series and follow along.

Who Is This Guide For?

slrlounge premium bts 1200x675Off-camera lighting is often an overlooked subject by professional photographers who either prefer natural light or feel overwhelmed by the technical aspects. However, understanding the basics of light, as well as how and when to apply it, is essential to your craft and creative journey as an artist that studies light.

What to Expect to Learn

flash photography tutorial workshop 1200x675Simplify how you approach flash with the C.A.M.P. Framework. One of the most common mistakes photographers make is that they start setting up and using their flashes before taking a second to visualize and plan their final photograph. The C.A.M.P. framework forces you to slow down and set your intention for the photograph before introducing flash to the scene, resulting in a better image.

What does C.A.M.P. stand for?

  • Composition
  • Ambient light exposure
  • Modify/add light
  • Pose/photograph

The whole purpose of utilizing the C.A.M.P Framework is to ensure that photographers spend time crafting an image rather than hurriedly stepping into a scene and taking images they likely won’t end up using. The intent of a photograph is something that we often forget about when creating art because we get wrapped up in the technical aspect of photography. The goal is to inspire photographers to combine their techniques with their artistic abilities to create something truly unforgettable and unique to their own style.

This guide is absolutely free and meant to create a powerful resource for photographers at all skill levels as they grow in their journey with flash. To learn more you can also visit Profoto Academy, a series of focused online video courses that teach the language of light through the eyes and vision of some of the industry’s most respected photographers.