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Explore the Creative Process on a Crossfit Photo Shoot with Corey Rich

By Paul Faecks on May 15th 2014

Corey Rich is one of Nikon’s Ambassadors and the director of one of my favorite photography- related short films of all time: Dedicated.

In the short video below, photographer Corey Rich, shows his unique workflow on how he put together a photo shoot inside a Crossfit gym. He also explains how he captured images that had the “commercial look” to it.

Watch the Video from Adorama TV:

Shooting a great picture goes beyond getting your camera settings and all the other technical components right. More importantly, you have to think about what you want to say with your photograph. I think that most photographers concentrate to much on technical aspects on theirs photographs (which is super important as well; nobody likes looking at ugly photos), rather than thinking about composition and storytelling. Corey Rich does a great job explaining his creative thoughts, rather than explaining, for example, his aperture of choice.

South Tahoe Cross Fit portfolio shoot Day 1


Corey Rich used some “heavy duty” lightning in this shoot. As he explains, this shoot was a personal project in which he wanted to experiment with Profoto studio lightning. He also used a Litepanel to fill in some shadows of his shots. To make the light beam that was coming from a window even more visible, he used a fog machine.

Gear List:



How does your creative workflow look like? Do you think scouting your location beforehand is necessary?

[via Adorama TV/ Images via screencaps]

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  1. Anthony McFarlane

    All that gear he mentioned made my head spin, lol.

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  2. Kurk Rouse

    I often have to keep reminding myself that at one point these guys were beginners and they did not get all that gear over night. Until i get to that point i’ll try to make use of what i have.

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