For wedding, event, and sports photographers, critical moments like the first kiss or the game-changing interception can happen so fast that the last thing you want to happen is to be caught with the wrong lens on your camera. That is why many professional photographers in these fields carry two DSLRs with two different lenses on them. Of course, carrying two cameras at the same time require a different kind of camera strap, which is why we are taking take a look at the Camera Slingers Freedom Double Camera Strap for this gear review.

Camera Slinger Front

The Camera Slingers Freedom Double Camera Strap is a lightweight double camera strap that is designed to carry 1 or 2 DSLRs at the same time. Each of the dual-shoulder harness has a large shoulder pad with non-slip material underneath, and connects to each other through a single snap buckle at the back. These shoulder pads are comfortable and provide a good degree of security because of that non-slip material.

Camera Slinger Rear Close

The Freedom Double Camera Strap does not have a cross chest strap in the front which not necessarily a bad thing since the front strap can get in the way of your clothing. Each strap is also height-adjustable to ensure a comfortable carrying position.

Camera Slinger Rear

Attaching Your DSLR to the Freedom Double Camera Strap

The first step to using the Camera Slingers is to attach the 1/4″ screw attachment to the tripod mount at the bottom of your camera or lens collar. Next, you secure each screw attachment to the gliding clasp on each strap. And that’s it, you’re ready to go.

Camera Slinger Attachment Closeup

With both cameras hanging on both sides, switching from one camera to the other is as simple as lowering one camera down and pulling the other camera up.

Camera Slinger Shooting

The Downside of the Camera Slingers Freedom Double Camera Strap

There are two critiques that we have to give with the Camera Slingers Freedom Double Camera Strap. The first is the screw attachment’s round foam disk because it does not stay on the screw attachment when your DSLR is not attached to it. In fact, both disks have since slipped off from our camera strap. Luckily, the screw attachment works fine without those round foam disk.

While the single buckle at the back of the Freedom Double makes it easy to use the double strap, its adjustment strap does have a problem of loosening up as you move around. A hard stop clip like the one that comes with the Think Tank Modular Component System could help to prevent slippage. Instead, we used a safety pin to hold this adjustment strap in place.




The Camera Slingers Freedom Double Strap does work as a double camera sling. It is easy to use two DSLRs with the strap and both the strap and cameras can be put on and taken off pretty quickly. The issue we have with the Freedom Double Strap are the quality details that keeps it from becoming a very good product.

As a result, we give the Camera Slingers Freedom Double Strap around 3 stars.