This weekend, I went to Yosemite for a camping trip. If you know me at all, this statement is laughable at best. I’m a city girl through and through, and I prefer to enjoy “real” nature in perfect 70-degree weather, like the beach. But it was my motherly duty to take my daughter on her special camping request, and so I found myself hiking in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

Taking my new GoPro along for the adventure, I’d hoped to get some fun footage of our experiences. Through the thunderstorms and rain, we trekked up John Muir trail, my GoPro running the whole time, in what I hoped was capturing epic footage. If only I had seen this video a few days before, I wouldn’t have come home disappointed. The cold weather made my lens fog up and my footage was okay at best.



This easy DIY anti-fog method is from YouTuber, Ho Stevie. The hack will save you from purchasing the $15 official GoPro anti-fog inserts that work great, he says, but will only last you about four uses. His DIY method only requires a paper towel and some scissors (a ruler, if you want to be super exact). These three little strips will grab the moisture so your GoPro won’t fog up from the condensation. Just cut the paper towel into three strips (approx. 0.75″x3″) and then fold them up, so they are flat. Sliding them into the sides of the case, make sure your DIY inserts don’t catch on the seal when closing.

Super simple and effective!

See more from Stevie on his website here.

[Via ISO1200]