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CarryOn Jib Packs Down To Just 22 Inches, The Ultimate Run-N-Gun Jib?

By Anthony Thurston on August 2nd 2014

One of the most difficult aspects of choosing what production gear you need and what you can do without is when it comes down to weight or size. If you are traveling or if you have to hand carry the gear for a great distance, then size and weight play a big part in your decision.


Lucky, ProAm has a new kickstarter project currently being funded for a small modular job that packs down to just 22″ and weighs in at just 6.2 lbs. They call it the CarryOn Jib, and it looks like it could hit that magic spot where it’s both convenient and strong.

CarryOn Jib Highlights

  • Easy to assemble, modular crane
  • 6ft or 8ft
  • 10lbs weight limit
  • Packs down to just 22 inches
  • Get dynamic movements only a crane can provide
  • 360º lockable bearing base with built-in bubble level
  • Oil impregnated brass bearings at all joints
  • Parts are CNC machined from highest quality aluminum
  • Vinyl coated steel cables provide automatic leveling
  • Interchangeable camera platform for optional 75mm bowl mount

I think that this could be a great tool for anyone who travels a lot and wants a quality jib without needing to ship it separately or ruin your back carrying the item to the location. This is small enough to fly with, and light enough that having to carry it will not be too terrible. I can see this being a valuable tool for sure.

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The kickstarter project currently has 20 days remaining, and the group is to $17,000 of their $25,000 goal thanks to 57 backers. If you would like to get your hands on one of the first units, you can pony up the $299 for the reward and get one (6 ft model) as soon as they are ready.

If you are interested in learning more you can check out the Kickstarter page here.

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Kurk Rouse

    very cool

    | |
  2. Christian Santiago

    The price is right, but how is this an improvement over the aviator travel jib that folds out with no separate parts? It too fits in a small carryon and weighs less than six lbs. I’ve used it many times and it works great as a quick alternative, but it’s not the steadiest jib and doesn’t hold much weight. If this thing can provide a dramatic improvement in performance, especially at this price range, then I can see that being enough to mitigate the hassle of having to assemble so many separate parts. Just my two cence.

    | |
  3. Rafael Steffen

    Great tools for video shooters!

    | |
  4. Phil Bautista

    While the packed length is pretty short, it’s quite heavy at over 6 lbs. There are other jibs that are lighter and come off just as long when assembled, most notably the Aviator. Not much longer when packed either. While this jib looks pretty solid if assembled properly, the fact that there are so many parts to bolt in together is another bummer. I already have 1 of those and I rarely use it because of the hassle it entails. I prefer the ones that extend like tripod legs. The pricing seems fair for what they offer but I’ll pass.

    | |
  5. Greg Faulkner

    That thing looks pretty cool

    | |