There have been rumblings about issues with the Canon 7D Mark II’s AF performance for quite a while now, and with no official word from Canon, it seemed as if there wasn’t much to it. That was before today.


Canon has released a new firmware update for the 7D Mark II which addresses several issues that users have reported with the camera and its autofocus. If you own a Canon 7D Mark II, you can download and install the update yourself by checking out Canon’s website here.  For a list of issues the new 1.04 Firmware update addresses, keep reading.

Canon 7D Mark II Firmware 1.04

  1. Fixes a phenomenon in which the camera’s AF function may not operate properly at a focal length of approximately 100mm when used with the EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens.
  2. Fixes a phenomenon in which, in rare instances, the reduction of the flicker effect cannot be achieved when in AI servo AF mode, despite the “Anti-flicker shoot” function being set to “Enable”.
  3. Fixes a phenomenon in which the Picture Style settings may not be applied to the captured image when the camera is set to custom shooting mode C1, C2 or C3.
  4. Fixes a phenomenon in which, in very rare cases, the first still image captured in live view mode may not record the correct date and time.
  5. Fixes a phenomenon in which, in very rare cases, image noise may appear in JPEG images when brightness or contrast is corrected by the Auto Lighting Optimizer function.

Overall, it looks to be a pretty standard ‘fixes’ firmware update from Canon. No new features, and no new functionality. Just fixing things that were not working correctly in the first place. But what did you expect? This is Canon we are talking about – not Fuji.

So what are your thoughts about this new firmware update from Canon for the 7D Mark II? Did they do enough, or is there more that needs to be addressed in your mind? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.