Lens caps usually don’t make headlines, especially on the same day as a new Canon “L” lens and the first-ever stabilized normal prime.  But I know there are a handful of Canon users out there who are shouting “FINALLY, CANON!”

In case you’re wondering what the big deal is; I’ll explain it-  The old lens cap design was horrible for use with a lens hood.  And over the past few years, every other manufacturer has updated their lens caps to a more modern, center-pinch design that is far easier to use when you have a hood on your lens.  Not just Nikon but also Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, …even the generic lens caps from Ebay are center-pinch!  So now, years late to the party, Canon has finally updated their lens caps.  Dear Canon engineers:  Congratulations, you did it!  It must have taken tons of R&D money, and many hours of stressful deadlines.  Or in  this case, I guess you had no deadlines whatsoever lol…

Of course, I jest.  This is the biggest non-deal-breaker in the history of Canon VS Nikon.  This will not affect your image sharpness at all, heck it probably won’t even protect your lens any better.  But at least now you can easily put on a lens cap while using a a lens hood.

For those of you who never put a hood on a lens in their life, either because you run in the UV filter crowd or because you’re just downright reckless, this may not be a big deal at all.  However to those of us who use hoods 99% of the time, even indoors, this is a huge deal.  Yay.  Can you tell how excited I am?

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