A while back, I did a review on the Handevision IBELUX 40mm F/.85 in the EF-M mount for my EOS-M cameras. In short, I was not impressed. The lens was big and heavy, and had issues with its focusing ring. Overall, it was not a great experience for a lens they are charging almost $2,000 for.


Fastforward a few months, and while I still have my EOS-M bodies, I now use a Fuji X-T1 as my primary rig. Being as the Fuji offers an EVF, and stellar manual focus support features, I decided to give this lens another try and see if  a different body changed my perspective on it at all.

Handevision IBELUX 40mm F/.85 on My Fuji X-T1

Well, let me just say that I do in fact like the lens a lot more now that I have it on a body with an EVF, and better manual focusing support. I am able to nail focus much easier, and the weight of the lens balances much better on the Fujifilm X-T1 than it did on the tiny EOS-M.


The build quality issues, specifically with the focusing ring, that I had to deal with on the EF-M mount version are not an issue on this Fuji mount version. Which leads me to think maybe I just had a bum copy when I tested it on the EOS-M.

Optically, it is still not quite up to par for a lens that costs so much money. But that said, it looks much better wide open then the SLR Magic 50mm F/.95 that I just shared my initial thoughts on yesterday.


The lens is still not worth what they are charging for it in my opinion, but if you can get it for a deal, like the one they ran a little while back for only $1299, it is a much easier pill to swallow.

ISO 100, 1/400th, 40mm F/.85

Overall though, the Fuji 56mm F/1.2 is still a better lens optically and cheaper at that. So unless for some reason you absolutely need to be able to shoot at F/.85, then I say stick with the Fuji lenses.