In the world of camera-dom, there does, for whatever reasons, exist a sense of one-upmanship which would leave a Wall Street trader pale by comparison. Even for those of us who are well aware we can get most of what we need done with most of what is on the market, we can’t help but formulate some manner of opinion of someone’s choice of camera.

Depending on the brand and model, we wonder ridiculous things like; Does this person read? Are they a poser? Would I like them ’round my house for dinner? Do you even shoot….’bro’? It’s a bit of a sickness we are all a bit down with.

And beyond the models themselves, it is the brand that seems to really get people’s Irish up, which is why the video herein is likely to do the same. In fact, this video is bound to make certain people absolutely lose their minds.

The whole premise is pitting a Sony A7III against the Canon 6D Mark II, as they both launched at the same price but where one has almost comically outclassed the other. So on the surface it would seem there is little reason to choose the Canon over the Sony, but in a rather sharp and comedic approach ‘Camera Conspiracies‘ has taken the time to give the 5 reasons you’d actually choose the 6D Mark II over the A7III. While you may pause and reflect, hilarity absolutely ensues.

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If you’re at all brand savvy, this is probably the most entertaining video you’ll have seen in a long time. Highly recommend. I’d also recommend checking out and showing some love to Camera Conspiracies, filling a void of sarcastic humor much-needed in our field, in my humble opinion.