“The Urban Triplets” is our shot of the month for January 2010. I (Pye) shot this image while in Canton, China shooting a Chinese wedding back in 2008. As many of you know, I speak Cantonese/Mandarin, so I was able to turn my work trip into a vacation as well.

I stayed for about a month and each and every night I went on a run to help me burn off the countless calories I was cramming down my face each and every day. If you all are familiar with areas like China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan you know that the food is simply amazing, cheap and amazing! So, every night I would run up and down the stairs of our 26 floor apartment building to compensate for my gluttony.

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Most nights, I would reach the roof and peer off the railing only to see the gloomy haze filled sky blanketing everything past half a mile to a mile in distance. However, one night during my stay I was so impressed by the “relatively” clear skies, that I made the 20 flight run back down to our room to grab my camera and tripod as well as the 20 flight run back up to the roof.

I spent about two hours that night shooting from various roof tops in the vicinity. This shot is an HDR shot of what I called “The Triplets” which were three massive apartment buildings built just behind one of the largest streets cutting through downtown Canton. The mixture of tungsten lighting from the street and remaining daylight could only be captured with three bracketed exposures that were later combined into an HDR shot.

I have many more shots from this trip, so stay tuned. We will share more.

Click here to download the 1920 x 1200 resolution image (3MB file size)

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