Last week, we shared with you the latest rumors coming out of Olympus regarding an upcoming OMD E-M5 II, and its impressive ‘sensor shift’ 40MP mode. Today, some more details have emerged about this new body, specifically regarding the sensor.


Upcoming E-M5 II Will Feature Same Sensor As Current E-M5

According to the latest reports, the sensor in the upcoming E-M5 II will not be a new or updated one, but will, in fact, be the same sensor in the current E-M5 (Which, by the way, is currently $200 off). The sensor will be “upgraded” in that it will be able to do this ‘sensor shift’, but otherwise, the E-M5 II sensor will be identical to the E-M5. Way to take a page out of Canon’s book, Olympus!

Joking aside, I am not sure what to think about this news regarding the sensor. I mean I know that changing the processors and upgrading software can have a huge impact on sensor performance and the final images that you can get out of digital sensors. But idk, if I bought a car in 2015, I wouldn’t want it sporting the same engine as the 2013 model…


Then again, I believe that Fuji used the same 16MP sensor in their X-series cameras several times, and those turned out great. The problem that I have here is that the E-M5 II is supposed to be an upgrade; in the case of the Fuji cameras, they were all different camera models, not upgrades (most of them anyways).

Am I over thinking this? What are your thoughts on this news that the E-M5 II will sport the same exact sensor – albeit with the improvements needed for this ‘sensor shift’ tech – as the current E-M5 that was just put on firesale for Black Friday? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!]

[via Mirrorless Rumors]