We’re Going to the Bahamas, and You’re Invited!

We’re teaching an intensive workshop in the Bahamas, and we want you to join us! Last year this class sold out months prior and once the classes are filled we can’t make any changes/exceptions, so be sure to sign up early!

SLRLounge Bahamas 2015

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Wedding and Portrait Photography 101 – The Ultimate Foundation

This is the class for students that are new or want to improve their wedding and portrait photography. This 2-day bootcamp will cover everything you need to know as a professional photographer.

Class Features

What You’ll Be Learning

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Exposure & Manual Mode Mastery

It’s absolutely crucial that you gain an understanding and mastery of Exposure and shooting in Manual Mode. We’ll teach you how to read a Histogram, how to use your camera highlight/shadow clipping alert, and how to use your light meter so you can nail perfect exposures consistently. Learning how to expose properly is the first step into shooting artistically to execute your creative vision.

The Foundation Posing Framework


Posing is what makes or breaks great wedding and portrait photography. We’ve developed a Foundation Posing Framework to train new shooters how to pose their clients naturally in any scene and for any situation. Having an understanding and mastery in foundation posing will enable you to capture natural and stunning images.

Natural Light & Modification

natural light photography

Learning how to use Natural Light is one of the most important tools in your arsenal. We’re going to show you how to observe and utilize light position as well as finding natural light modifiers in a scene. Then we’ll add in some inexpensive natural light modifiers to show you how to take your images from good to great!

The Power of On-Camera Flash

on camera flash

Believe it or not, the image above was shot with an on-camera flash! On-Camera flash is another powerful tool in your photography toolkit, and it can work wonders when modified correctly. We’re going to show you how to use simple on-camera flash modifications to create incredible images.

A Foundation in Off-Camera Flash and Constant Lighting


We’re going to teach you the basics in off camera flash and lighting, where to place the lights, when/how to use gels, and when to use flash vs constant lighting. This foundation will prepare you for more advanced techniques that will be taught in the Wedding and Portrait Photography 201 – Expanding Your Vision class.

Wedding and Portrait Photography 201 – Expanding Your Vision

Students that attend this class should have attended the Wedding and Portrait Photography 101 – The Ultimate Foundation class, or have had a few years of professional experience. In this class we’ll be demonstrating advanced techniques and focus on business, marketing, and studio elements.

Class Features

Expanding Your Vision

A single moment has limitless potential, and it’s your job as a professional photographer to capture the best images in that scene. As a photographer you must be able to expand your vision in order to recognize the potential (in any scene and situation), create amazing imagery and do it quickly while under pressure.


Advanced Camera & Lighting Techniques


In this 201 class we’re going over advanced camera and lighting techniques to expand the possibilities of creating incredible images. You’ll be learning how to use ND filters to create shutter drags in the day, using bracketing + off-camera lighting, ND filters + off camera lighting, compositing, and so much more! Our goal is to help you create images that you didn’t think was possible.

Group, Formal, Reception and Dance Floor Lighting


Whether you’re shooting groups, portraits, reception details or dancing, we’re going to show you exactly how to light it. We want to show you how to create images that are more compelling than “traditional” photos. We’ll show you how to light a dance floor without drowning the ambient light, and how to move through reception halls while keeping your subjects perfectly lit.

How to Build Your Business


Creating amazing imagery is half the job, the other half is selling and charging what you’re worth. There is a business side of being a photographer and we want to help you grow your business. We book nearly 300 weddings a year and have photography packages 8k-20k and we want to teach you how we do it! We’re also going to teach you how to plan each shoot with your client and how to properly set and exceed expectations. Then we’re teaching you how to grow a studio, how to train second shooters, and how to shoot volume weddings.

See you in the Bahamas!

If you’re interested in the Photography 101 – The Ultimate Foundation class, or the Photography 201 – Expanding Your Vision class, then be sure to click any of the links in this article.