Basic Information

Product Name: Airport International V2.0
Company: ThinkTank Photo
Cost: $349
Subject: Traveling Cases

We recently got our hands on the ThinkTank Airport International V2.0 and we quickly fell in love with what is now our new go-to case for destination shoots.

For those of you that want to see the entire bag in detail, check out the video below. If you just want a quick run down on our favorite features and why we gave this case 5/5 Stars, then keep on reading!

The Pros

1. Carry-On Sized
The Airport International is designed specifically as a carry on case. So it meets all carry-on requirements in regards to its size. Just don’t mention or give hints of the case being heavy and loaded with gear since there is typically a weight restriction on carry-on luggage.

2. Extremely High Build Quality
From it’s external YKK zippers, to the internal lining and removable inserts, everything is built with the best materials available and is built to last.

3. Plenty of Space
This case has enough space for all of our camera gear for a typical destination wedding which includes 2 bodies, 5 lenses, two flashes and our accessories. I also love the fact that there seems to be a place for everything, CF cards, wallets, keys, etc.



4. Great Value
I know some of you are going to mention that the $349 price tag is too much and is more likely a con. However, knowing the cost of manufacturing products like this, I can tell you that this bag is a great value based on its design and build quality. While you might pay more for this case than others, it is going to last you much longer as well.

5. Silent!
I know this seems rather strange, but given that we shoot weddings, I love the fact that the wheels are virtually completely silent! The rubber wheels and ball bearings glide effortlessly and silently which is wonderful when wheeling them into a church during a wedding.

The Cons

1. Non-Checkable
While this case can lock, is very well built, and can take quite a beating, I still wouldn’t check this bag with standard airline luggage as it is a “soft case”. The safest solution for checking gear is still going to be a rock hard plastic case such as a Pelican. However, there are trade-offs as a Pelican will weigh more, and hold a bit less.



All in all, the Airport International Version 2.0 is a bag that we would highly recommend to any traveling photographer. While there are cheaper bags on the market, the ThinkTank Airport International is a solid value for the money and we are confident that anyone willing to step into this solution won’t be disappointed. So, we are giving it 5/5 Stars!