Photographers are always looking for a creative edge to make their imagery stand out. Of the tools they use to gain this edge, one of the most interesting is one that affects the way light carries through a scene: fog.

atmosphere aerosol fog lighting effects for photography
Images used with permission from Atmosphere Aerosol.

You’ve no doubt seen images like those above that feature streaks of light cutting through the frame, adding depth and a cinematic quality to the image.

Producing fog for your photo sessions may sound impractical, but it’s actually quite easy to do thanks to the team over at Atmosphere Aerosol. Its affordability, ease of use, and small size (think of a can of hairspray) make it a great tool to take along even for fast-paced shoots like a wedding day couples session. Below, you’ll find out how and why Atmosphere Aerosol came to exist as well as how it can help you create amazing, cinematic photos.

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What Is the Atmosphere Aerosol Origin Story?

Owners Joe and Kathleen are a husband and wife team of professional wedding photographers in Knoxville, Tennessee, with more than 600 weddings and films under their belt. With a background in television & film, Joe harbors a fondness for lighting and gaffing. When Kathleen and Joe started shooting weddings, they wanted to keep the tools and creativity of film but the quick pace of weddings did not allow for it. They wanted to create rays of light that took images to the next level without having to carry large equipment that took time to create fog (i.e., fog machines), or chemicals that were intrusive, smelly, or only optimal for use outside (i.e., smoke bombs).

atmosphere aerosol cans fog lighting effects for photography

The lack of a quick and easy solution provided the impetus for creating Atmosphere Aerosol in November 2015. Joe and Kathleen spent two years developing and optimizing the spray to make sure it fit the following criteria:

  • Fits into a camera bag
  • Light-weight so it’s easily carried throughout the day
  • Affordable
  • Safe, non-toxic, clear spray to avoid staining gowns, suits, and garments
  • Lingers in the air longer than other products on the market
  • Improves the look, feel, uniqueness, and overall creativity of photos and films

What Is the Mission of Atmosphere Aerosol?

“Atmosphere Aerosol gives photographers and filmmakers an affordable, safe and convenient way to add haze or fog to a shoot without needing power or carrying heavy equipment.”

How Is Atmosphere Aerosol Different from Other Products on the Market?

“Atmosphere Aerosol is different from other tools to create fog because it does not require power or liquid refills like fog machines and vapes. It fits in your camera bag and is instantly ready to spray (no prep time waiting for a machine to create the fog).”

What’s Next for Atmosphere Aerosol?

“We are always looking to improve Atmosphere Aerosol and continue to expand into more countries and markets around the world.”

What Else Would You Like Our Readers to Know?

“There is a great community of photographers that use Atmosphere Aerosol on Instagram from portrait photographers to toy photographers, cosplay and cinema. The wide variety makes our product suitable for a broad range of photographers in various niches. Please see @AtmosphereAerosol or #AtmosphereAerosol to get involved. The toy photography community never ceases to amaze us with their content.”

You can see Atmosphere Aerosol in action in the video below:

Have you used Atmosphere Aerosol in your photography? If so, share some of your images in the comments below.