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Gear & Apps
You CAN take a great image on your budget
Gear & Apps
Just last week we reported a workaround for Fuji shooters to use Godox/Flashpoint strobes with TTL and HSS and today we’ve got something tangible...
Which Is Better? Strobes Vs Speedlights For Product Photography
Gear & Apps
Choosing the correct light is essential for a product photographer. In this article, I discuss whether one can use the far far cheaper speedlight...
Gear & Apps
When a company is trying to stake out sure footing as a contender in a market dominated by one, we, the users reap the benefit.
Gear Rumors
Here is an interesting rumor. According to the latest Canon Rumor buzz, it appears that Canon could be working on a new flash system, and it may...
Time Out With Tanya
Tired of taping a 3x5 index card on your flash to bounce the light at events? Here are 5 Speedlight flash modifiers you wish you had in your kit...
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