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Business Tips How to Start a Photography Business: Creating the Business Plan, Part III
By Pye Jirsa on October 16, 2018
Everyone has a starting point in photography and, as one begins that journey, it is helpful to come across...

Home photography basics

Inspiration Camera Hardware Terms & Modes Explained w/ Maarten Heilbon
By Wendell Weithers on March 5, 2018
For those starting out or even intermediate, this can be hugely helpful
Tips & Tricks Photography Tips | How And Why To Use Exposure Compensation
By Holly Roa on July 25, 2017
While you can always take the most control over your camera’s exposure in manual...
Gear & Apps There’s an App for That: Learn Photography and Lighting Basics from Your iPhone
By Hanssie on March 1, 2014
Last year, a group of developers teamed up with a professional photographer to make an...