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Mitakon has announced a new and improved 35mm 0.95 Speedmaster lens, SLRMagic announces a 1.33X anamorphic lens set and easily fix color fringing...
Today, we talk about some Olympus and Sony rumors as well as talk about the newly announced Mitakon 135mm F/1.4.
Today we take a look at the leaked Mitakon 135mm f/1.4, a possible Nikon announcement tomorrow ahead of Photo Plus in NYC, and today is the day A7R...
Gear Rumors
Is Canon working on a replacement for their legendary 85mm F/1.2L? What lens(es) could Zeiss be announcing at their event this Friday? Find out...
Chinese lens maker Zhong Yi Optics has announced their latest fast prime offering: the new 85mm F/1.2 'Speedmaster'.
Zhongyi Optics has announced a pair of new additions to their affordable Mitakon mirrorless system lenses, a 42.5mm & 24mm.
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