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Like the highly coveted 200mm f/2 lens, the 135mm can be used to create beautiful, bokeh-filled works of art for only a fraction of the price.
Tips & Tricks
Struggling trying to make magic from medicore locations? Learn from or struggles as we walk you through our lens choices to
Tips & Tricks
One of the marks of a maturing photographer is their ability to overcome limitations. Whether it’s your skill, your gear, or your creative...
Tips & Tricks
Understanding your gear and how it performs is just as important  as what gear you buy. After all, it doesn’t matter if your lens has a red...
Tips & Tricks
As photographers we are privy to certain experience and understanding that the average person is not. Our working relationship with the nuances of...
Tips & Tricks
Understand why your perspective is truly what will make the difference in your images.
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