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28 Sep 2022




To Hack or Not To Hack, That is the DSLR Video Question

It is no secret that DSLRs have become formidable tools for recording video as much as they are for taking still images. But normal production features and settings on today’s DSLR leave a lot to be desired (for some cameras more than others), which has lead to the development of DSLR firmware hacks to bring wanted and needed features to these powerful video recording machines.

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5D Mark III vs Blackmagic Cinema Camera | What’s the King of HD Videos?

The Canon 5D has been the dominant player in the Sub-$4000 HD Camera market. Now, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera is looking to dethrone the Canon 5D as the new king of HD cinema camera. One River Media compared both cameras in dynamic range, sharpness, pushing levels, banding, artifacts, rolling shutter, chromakeying, wide/telephoto lengths, DOF (depth of field), low light, macro blocking, contrast, and more.

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New Panasonic GH3: Heavyweight Mirrorless Hybrid Stills & Motion Camera in Lightweight, Weather Sealed Body

The Panasonic GH3 is the flagship stills and video camera for the micro 4/3 eco-system. Boasting weather sealing, up to 1080p 60p, 3 command wheels, many direct buttons, optional battery grips, and wifi tethering, the GH3 is a very capable alternative to pro-spec DSLRs and has what it takes to meet the demanding needs of professional photographers and filmmakers.