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Gear & Apps
The Nikon D610 has been out for a bit. It was really a cover-up for a mistake, but is it now a prime choice? Is it relevant?
Gear & Apps
Ask anyone about the Nikon D600 and their response will almost assuredly be a negative one. There is no denying that the whole snafu has resulted...
Gear & Apps
In a move that is somewhat surprising, even if it is right, Nikon has announced that they will cover repairs and shipping on all D600 camera...
Current Events
It appears that someone at Nikon is owning up to some of the problems with the D600 and has been replacing them with D610 bodies for free or small...
It is already too late to get any sort of gift ordered online on time for Christmas, but that doesn't mean that the deals are no longer around....
According to the latest rumblings Nikon is set to announce its new D610 within the next few weeks, likely on October 7th or 8th. The D610 is...
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