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Tips & Tricks
Hey Photoshop users! Are you using Curves adjustments? You should be. Otherwise, you’re missing out on one of Photoshop’s most powerful tools....
Tips & Tricks
Have you used these features?
Tips & Tricks
A useful ability to learn no matter what you shoot
Gear & Apps
Snapseed has been a go-to for editing photos on mobile devices since its inception as an iPad app in 2011 when it was a Nik product, before the...
Tips & Tricks
Seasoned Pros know how critical it is to double, or even triple check their retouching to make sure they haven’t missed anything. Over the years...
screen grab of photoshop panel showing the use of selective color in photoshop to retouch skin . After edit image
Tips & Tricks
These techniques are simple and effective. We should all know these four simple methods for adjusting skin color in Photoshop.
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