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A quick and simple tutorial to understand the seemingly complex process of composite photography.
Shooting Tips
I recently shot a wedding with a firework show and I wanted to show you how I captured the best firework image with a simple composite trick.
Turn 4 Strobes Into 10 | The Art Of The Composite In Still Life
Shooting Tips
This rarely spoken of technique is invaluable to every still life photographer. Once you learn the art of the composite, you’ll shoot quicker and...
Tips & Tricks
Blown out, boring, cloudless skies are often something I deal with, especially when shooting with natural light only. A cloud overlay can be a...
This time of year elicits an inspiration in many photographers to create unique concepts and bring the joy of the season to life in a single still...
Shooting Tips
How You Shot It is a series where you show us how you shot an image. Today's image is an astrophotography composite by Hannes Nitzsche.
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