Street photographers hoping to capitalize on the exposure that social media can offer are faced with a frustrating balancing act. You want the images you post to accurately reflect your skills both behind the lens as shooter and in front of the screen as an editor while minimizing the time it takes to get your images online. You can forgo your camera and shoot with your smartphone, but despite the spectacular advances in smartphone cameras, this is still not good enough for many.

You can lug around your professional mirrorless or DSLR camera, but it comes at the risk of being too conspicuous and forces you to contend with image transfer methods that are, quite frankly, not as polished as they should be. But much of photography is about problem solving and there are increasingly better ways to master this balancing act. In this quick video, Photographer Sean Tucker shares his approach to unobtrusive street photography, streamlined editing, and social media sharing.

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Takeaway Tips

1.) People Fear the Gear

Sean finds thats using a higher end camera can sometimes be intimidating. He opts for a camera that doesn’t lead people avoid him or question why he is shooting. Below are links to camera that he mentions and some alternatives that could similarly serve you well.

Cameras & Bag

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2.) Mobile Editing Options

For editing, Sean bypasses the computer entirely and edits completely on his phone. He also cuts out any attempt to transfer images via apps or bluetooth and opts to use an SD card to Lighting port reader to upload his images to his phone. This is nice way to cut out the middle man in your editing process. Here is a list of apps and gear that you can use to efficiently edit and post his images across multiple platforms online.

Editing Apps

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Conent Management Apps

SD Card Adaptors

If you’re a street photographer, these are useful tips to streamline your process. Even if you aren’t one, Sean’s approach to maximizing the his iPhone as an editing tool could help get your work out there faster without compromising your style and quality standards.