One of the many things Profoto has done well since their inception is give photographers a wide range of tools to control light and create incredible imagery. Over the years, we’ve reviewed many Profoto products, used their gear to teach flash photography, and even put them up against other brands in various flash challenges, in which they’ve always fared very well. Now, in addition to producing innovative lights, remotes, modifiers, and accessories, the Profoto team has put together a free platform that will at once educate and inspire photographers. Profoto calls the new educational platform “Share the Light,” and for good reason.

What Is Profoto’s “Share the Light” Platform?

Equal parts education, inspiration, and community, the “Share the Light” education hub offers photographers an opportunity to share their work and learn lighting techniques from some of the world’s best photographers and those who aspire to be. It’s free to use, and it offers plenty of incentives to join, which we’ll explore below.

Learn Lighting

Profoto is no stranger to photography education. Their site already features a helpful “Tips and Tricks” blog that visitors can explore by genre (e.g., beauty, fashion, wedding, etc.), and Profoto also hosts the Profoto Academy, a series of online video courses taught by some of the top names in the industry, like Lindsay Adler, David Bicho, and several others. A couple of key elements, however, set the “Share the Light” hub apart.

share the light Profoto its example

First, you can follow specific photographers, like our own Pye Jirsa, and glean their individual galleries for techniques and inspiration. You can also save your favorites or share them online. Think of it like Instagram if the posts there were shared for the purpose of teaching flash photography techniques. (In fact, you can find Profoto’s “Share the Light” on Instagram as well, and it features posts from the hub). Each post in the gallery maintains a primary focus on learning with lighting tips, diagrams, settings, and links to the Profoto gear used during the shoot.

profoto share the light BTS day for night

The other distinct educational feature of “Share the Light” is the access it gives community members who use Profoto gear to share their own photos and tips. “Share the Light” serves as a two-way street, combining the interactivity of social media and the informational insight of educational blogs. You can follow and learn from others, but you can also share your knowledge and creativity with the community.

How to Share Your Images with the “Share the Light” Community

Just like with their lighting gear, Profoto has simplified the process, making it easy to share your setup and other information regarding your photos. You can drag and drop your image, and the sections for sharing your tips, settings, and gear selections are all clearly marked and easy to fill out.

PSD file for Profoto SiteFor the lighting diagram, Profoto provides a Photoshop file (see screenshot above). The file already contains all of Profoto’s gear, which has been placed into various folders. All you have to do is move everything into position and then add the diagram to your upload.

When you post with the intent of teaching others, it can also make you more acutely aware of your own technique and the details that go into your shots.

Inspire and Be Inspired

In addition to learning, another side of sharing has much to do with inspiring others. Whether you’re sharing posts or just visiting to take in other people’s work, you can expect the content in the “Share the Light” hub to ignite a creative spark in your own flash photography. If you ever feel like you’re slipping into a creative rut, for example, open up the hub, browse through your saved favorites, and try a new technique.

Additional Incentives for Joining the “Share the Light” Community

featured images for Share the Light

When you participate in the “Share the Light” community, you also establish more of a presence in the larger photography community. Profoto hand-selects contributors to feature in a “Featured Artist” section of the site, which can also be shared on the hub’s Instagram profile. This will not only help you build a following but also get your work on Profoto’s radar, so to speak, when they’re looking to partner up with photographers. In a sense, your gallery will also serve as a working portfolio. In this instance, it’s already in the hands of the brand you want to partner with. It’s a win-win.

How to Join Profoto’s “Share the Light” Community

As we mentioned above, the community is free to join. You can find a sign-up form on the  homepage, and setting up your Profoto account and “Share the Light” profile is very simple. All you need to share is your name, email, and country. Only your name and country will be made public.


No matter how far you’ve come in your photography journey, you can always be sure there’s still room to explore and more to discover. Whether you’re trying new creative lighting techniques or brushing up on fundamentals, actively practicing your craft is the best way to keep pushing forward. You can find plenty of resources to help you improve as a photographer, but the best of them will educate as well as inspire you. It’s one thing to find incredible images and wonder how they were captured, but having access to a community of talented photographers who happily share their insight and techniques can make a world of difference. That is why Profoto’s new “Share the Light” platform is such a great resource to help you level up and let you help others do the same.