Welcome the photography industry’s first full-body portrait software, PortraitPro Body, that takes advanced retouching to an ‘unbelievable’ new level.


Obviously Photoshop can handle liquifying, retouching, contouring, and so much more, so what exactly does Portrait Pro Body have to offer that shakes up the retouching game? It’s first claim is definitely it’s major selling point: that full-body retouching can be done in under 10 minutes with the use of their software, no retouching experience required.


With intuitive sliders, PortraitPro has made it simple to make minor or major adjustments to images, giving full range in editing specific body parts and exemplifying or reducing body features and blemishes. No longer is there a need for complicated tools and tedious refinement when software like this revolutionizes the art of the retouching. In a way it works like Photoshop’s more recent liquify tools, though perhaps less nuanced, and that’s problematic because good retouching is all in the nuance.


the brains behind the beauty

The company consulted Anthropics Technology to develop their state-of-the-art software to include notable features such as posture correction, acne reduction, and basic facial edits. Anthropics Technology CEO, Andrew Berend, states that “PortraitPro Body was created in response to photographers’ need for a dedicated, easy-to-use body-editing tool. Anthropics are delighted to continue introducing user-friendly, powerful software to improve photographers’ workflow and to expand their creativity”.


Anthropics Technology & PortraitPro implemented ClearSkin technology which cuts editing time in half with the use of one simple slider and a brush tool, refraining you from spending hours on removing individual blemishes.

how far is too far?


We’ve all seen our fair share of bad retouches on both an editorial/professional level and in the freelance world, but this software in the hands of talented retouchers could mean a whole new standard of beauty. I mean, posture correction alone had me do a double take, but manufacturing unattainable body types and flawless facial features…all within just under 10 minutes…seems like motivation for more people to find ways to fix themselves to achieve a societal norm. Furthermore, anyone who does quality retouching in post understands that the level of control you’ll get when wielding Photoshop properly makes this look like a toy.

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You can take a look at their gallery to see more examples and decide for yourself.

PortraitPro offers two versions, the studio software that allows you to process RAW files with a Photoshop, Lightroom and Photoshop Elements plugin costing you $60, and a standard software, a $40 option, that allows full-body editing but doesn’t include plugins, the support for different color spaces or RAW file support. If you want to give it a test run, they offer a free trial option, see for yourself what possibilities lie ahead with the ability to retouch full-body portraits in a matter of minutes:

PortraitPro Body Overview Video from Anthropics Technology Ltd. on Vimeo.

Source: Digital Trends