Creating and then maintaining an online presence that bolsters your brand and bottom line has become an essential aspect of business; not just in our industry but almost all. Everyone with a smartphone or tablet is endlessly connected and therefore perpetually accessible through some channel on their devices: Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc, and the need to manage this effectively is so great that it is a full-time job in its own right.

However, most of us already have full-time jobs or full-time obligations that make incorporating this into the rhythm of our lives difficult. Fortunately, where there is a need there is a market for solutions, and PIXRIT promises to be the solution for photographers looking to effectively engage social media. They claim to help you schedule up to one full month of sharing in under five minutes. That’s a bold claim, but time will tell if they can make good on their promise.

Per the PIXRIT website:

PIXRIT’s visually driven interface combines easy drag and drop functionality with the ability to bulk upload, tag and add captions to all your photos at one time. Just arrange the order, set your schedule and PIXRIT will take care of the rest!


PIXRIT Promises Speed

PIXRIT Promisies Versitility

These numbers and feature-set are quite impressive, but it would come down to functionality and implementation. In addition, it’s bound to raise eyebrows with some who think $50 a month is steep, though for what it promises to do, for those either with large engaging audiences or those looking to attain them, $50 isn’t much at all.

On the point of price, however, Ttere is currently a 14-day free trial version that comes with 5GB of storage space that allows you to manage accounts for five different networks and grants you an unlimited amount of shares per day, per network.

If you wish to upgrade your services or once your trial ends, you have the option of three different plans:


  • $40/mo (billed annually) or $50 billed monthly
  • 3 Month FREE when you sign up for a year!
  • 2 Social Networks
  • 2 Shares per day, per network
  • Professional Galleries
  • 250 GB Storage


  • $60/mo (billed annually) or $75 billed monthly
  • 3 Month FREE when you sign up for a year!
  • 3 Social Networks
  • 5 Shares per day, per network
  • Professional Galleries
  • 500 GB Storage


  • $80/mo (billed annually) or $100 billed monthly
  • 3 Month FREE when you sign up for a year!
  • 5 Social Networks
  • Unlimited Shares per day, per network
  • Professional Galleries
  • 1TB  Storage
  • *All future releases for life

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All in all there’s a lot to be said for what PIXRIT is trying to do, but we’re curious how many of you would employ a service like this? Let us know.

If you are interested in PIXRIT’s services and want to get an sense of how their interface works, you can find a collection of their instructional videos here.

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