When we look at photographic technology and brands today, there’s a sense that we’re in the middle of a rapid evolution. The blue-chip companies that have long held the podium (looking at you Nikon & Canon) and have held at bay the smaller brands, or brands with smaller stakes in photography, are witnessing a shift in power and marketshare. As photography has become more a technological field, you have Sony covering that corner and changing the game, and then other companies like Sigma and Fuji are right in the wings of this power shift, biting at the heels of Nikon & Canon and leaving a trail of swooning new customers in their wake.

More and more photographers we speak with these days are slowly re-evaluating their loyalty. At PhotoPlus recently, a quick look around would see Nikon and Canon bodies, but with new Sigma lenses attached. Then, on an evening out with a few industry professionals in NYC, three of the 10 had cameras on them, and let me tell you now, that of the three people at the bar with me, all were carrying Fuji. Given the chance, I’d be the fourth.


If you flip back through the pages of SLR Lounge or other photographic resources, you’ll see this trend pop out at you, and there’s no shortage of stories from people coming forward to say they’ve made the switch. The kicker is, they all say they couldn’t be happier. Adding to that list, today we have Lukas Gisbert-Mora, who goes into depth about why he made the switch from Nikon to Fuji.

[REWIND: Review: Fuji X-E2 | The Mistress]


It appears to be a very honest look at the two systems, with their flaws and advantages. He’s shot 20,000 photos with his X-T1 and that’s given him a good idea of where these issue lay. He doesn’t shy away from the more problematic sides of the Fuji, namely flash ability/options, video capability, and to some degree, battery. However, he goes on to say why he believes the X-T1 is actually a better fit for wedding work than the Nikon D3S – that’s a bold statement. Watch the video for the full breakdown.

A Personal Note

I’ve always been a Nikon shooter. I have a little loyalty to the brand, but really I’ve just always liked what they’ve had on tap better than anyone else, from film days to now. You may remember I reviewed the Fuji X-E2 some time ago, and I can say this wholeheartedly, I fell in love with the camera. I’ve never felt that before, and it was with the entire system of Fuji. I am at a crossroads right now where I want to make that switch, or at least make Fuji cameras my primary shooters, relying on a Nikon D750 for specific things.

At this moment the only thing holding me back is the format. I’m a bit of an old dog, and I’m used to knowing my focal lengths and what to expect without doing any conversions in my mind. I feel this is the only reason why I really am hanging on. Fuji won’t be coming out with a full frame system right this moment, I doubt. That would mean creating a whole new lines of lenses, and with their sales so good at the moment, they are likely content for the time. That said, the day Fuji comes out with a full frame system, if you want to reach me you can find me in line at B&H.

Source: The Phoblographer