In the previous videos, I shared with you the new Graduated FilterĀ and Panorama Tool in the updated Lightroom CC. We’ve come to the end, and here’s my last favorite feature: Facial Recognition. If you guys are interested in learning more about Lightroom, please check out our Lightroom Workshop to learn all the foundational basics of Lightroom.

The New Facial Recognition Feature In Lightroom CC

How To Use Facial Recognition

Facial recognition isn’t something that’s brand new in terms of technology and software, but it is new to Lightroom CC. Although it isn’t perfect, it’s simple to use, and also really convenient.

To use facial recognition, have your catalogue open and click on the face icon located on the bottom tool bar. A window will open up asking if you would like to run facial recognition on the entire catalogue or on specific images. Once your option is selected, you can click on each image and name them accordingly.

The cool thing about Lightroom CC is that as you continue to name the images, Lightroom will begin to automatically sort and identify the faces according to the names. In some images, if you have more than one subject, you can move the boxes to better identify the faces and also create additional facial recognition boxes.

Lastly, you can also select multiple images and name them all at once.

Facial recognition isn’t absolutely perfect in this version of Lightroom CC, but I’m sure that as time goes by, it’ll continue to be upgraded and updated. I’ve experienced times in the past where clients have had a family or a friend pass away, and they ask if they have any additional pictures of him or her. Having facial recognition is convenient because I can just type the name of a person in, and Lightroom will find all the images of him or her.


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