We all know that the budget trigger market is a cutthroat business, there is always something new and cheaper coming out. Yongnuo has long been one of the best brands for budget triggers with their low price and high reliability. A new TTL trigger, the Meyin RF-624, looks to take the YN-622C’s spot as the top budget TTL trigger.


The Meyin RF-624, as mentioned above, is a TTL trigger that is compatible with Canon’s E-TTL system. Until its release, the best option for people looking to shoot TTL on a budget was pretty much the Yongnuo YN-622C. The Meyin RF-624 offers a very similar feature set to the YN-622C (though much more basic), but differences include double the range(200m vs 100m) and a smaller profile in addition to being about 1/3rd of the price. The Meyin also includes a USB port for firmware updates, something the YN-622C does not have.

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Taking all of this into account, and as good as the Meyin Trigger sounds, the YN-622C has been tested and found to be very reliable. The RF-624 on the other hand is new, and has not been as widely tested as the YN-622C. In other words the jury is still out on the RF-624 as far as its reliability and build quality go.

Meyin RF-624 Features

  • Type: FSK2.4GHz Wireless System
  • Power: 2.1-3.3V(AAx2 pieces)
  • Channel: 3 Fixed Channel and 1 Auto Channel
  • Controlling grouping: 3
  • Range: 200m
  • High Speed Sync: Yes (If Camera and Flash Support It)
  • Battery Life: Approx. 50hrs in stand-by mode (2000mA)

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As I mentioned above, the Meyin RF-624 is a really affordable – the first in this price range – TTL trigger on the market. You can pick up a pack of two transceivers on Amazon for only $51 (at the time of the writing), a great price if you are wanting to get a cheap TTL kit put together.

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