The idea of one day owning the likes of a Hasselblad, Leica or PhaseOne continues to be at the forefront of both hobbyist and serious photographers’ dreams, and with good reason. Since their inception, medium format has become synonymous with the standard of unsurpassed image quality and is often revered as a status symbol, systematically producing quality images that rival the various heavy hitters out there and retaining their value even years later.

While renting gear is always an option when and if a session requires it, ownership is often the better choice for many working studio photographers with clients and assignments that consistently depend on and demand the parameters of what digital medium format cameras bring to the table. The initial investment is the biggest hurdle for anyone wanting to make the leap, and once that is made many companies offer buy back or trade-in programs in an effort to make future upgrades more attainable.

Our friends over at Leica have announced a new trade-up program in the US for their current Leica S (Typ 007), offering a credit of up to $8,500 off the $18,950 price tag for both previous Leica S-Systems and non-Leica medium format digital backs and cameras alike.

S-System Camera Trade-In

Non-Leica Medium Format Digital Backs and Cameras Trade-In

The pricing structure for non-Leica equipment is dependent on the gear being traded and the trade-in value being offered for eligible cameras make this an opportune time for an upgrade. Contact your local Leica dealer for any questions on eligible trades.

The offer is valid through September 30, 2017.