We cannot deny the power of Photoshop. It can turn mere mortals into supermodels, transport couples to Wonderland and even save lives with just a touch of your fingertips. But to wield the power, one must know how to use it, and the learning curve is a steep one. Not many can just launch Photoshop and “figure it out.” To be great at it, one must put in the hours and learn not only how the hundreds of little buttons, menus, levels and doo-dads work, but what they mean. It’s like learning a new language.


There are thousands of tutorials out there to learn Photoshop, but who has time to sift through them and learn it all? In this age of instant everything, we all want the TL;DR version and the following video will provide some of that for Photoshop. In the 21 minute video below, Nathaniel Dodson of @TutVid shows us 28 tips and tricks of Photoshop CC 2015. Below are all of the 28 tricks you’ll learn and the time stamp:

0:38 – Whiten Teeth
1:23 – Merge all Layers to New Layer
1:50 – Rotate View Tool
2:49 – Change Layer Opacity Hotkey
3:57 – Choosing Layers Hotkey
4:11 – Move Layers Hotkey
4:35 – Change Units of Measure
5:07 – Add More Undo Steps
5:53 – Apply Pattern Along Path
6:55 – Create Filled Layer Mask
7:21 – Instantly Find Center of Document
7:48 – Quickly Change Color of Anything
8:35 – How to Paint a Selection
10:00 – Black & White w/ Channel Mixer
11:03 – Filling Text or Shape Layers
12:03 – Scale Layer Styles
12:57 – Precise Painting w/ Brush Tool
13:26 – Duplicate Anything
13:53 – Before/After Preview Hotkey
14:30 – Straighten a PSD Two Different Ways
15:08 – Bird’s Eye View
15:25 – Clipping Mask Power
16:28 – Instagram/VSCO Fade Effect
17:06 – Hacking Selection Creation
17:25 – The Fastest Retro Effect
17:55 – Extract Assets for the Web
19:07 – Multiple Layer Styles
20:13 – Photoshop UI Easter Egg

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