When most people think of twin-lens reflex cameras, it’s a Rolleiflex they are picturing. As far as iconic looks to equipment in photography, there are a few that stand out like the look of a Polaroid camera, and this is one. There’s something sort of historic about them, and inexplicably, people are drawn to touching them. So it was sad when recently, DHW Fototechnik was found to be liquidating great stocks of their manufacturing assets, much of which used in the manufacturing of the famous Rolleiflex cameras.

It’s awfully sad to see such a chapter of photography come to a close, but with the turn of a leaf, another one has begun that aims to blend both the look and style of the Rolleiflex and the fun and instant gratification of Polaroid. It’s called the InstantFlex TL70 and it’s an instant camera that has been designed to appear like the famous twin-lens reflex cameras.

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The company behind it is called MiNT and it’s clear that this new offering in both name and design is meant to be an homage to Rollei and Polaroid’s classic SX-70 camera. By all accounts, it looks like they’ve done a good job. It uses Fuji Instax film and you operate it by looking through the viewfinder atop where you’ll also find indicator lights that signal when your exposure is correct, and when it’s either over or under. The camera is able to do auto exposure, bulb mode, manual adjusting of aperture, exposure, and focus, and has a built in flash, all powered by two AA batteries.


It’s not exactly the cheapest of Instant cameras, considering you can get retro looking Fuji Instax shooters for about $150. This one comes with an attached price tag of $319. But if you consider some of the joys of instant cameras, that they are talking points, ice-breakers, and fun, you’d be hard pressed to find one that does all of those things to a higher degree than this.

You can find out more here on the company’s site.