I love a good infographic. I mean, what’s not to love? Our eyeballs are constantly bombarded with visuals every second. Even before we all became permanently attached to our phones where we constantly check Instagram, scroll through our Facebook feeds, and skim through emails, news items, and Twitter, life was a neverending information overload. And now it’s even worse.

Our brains see an infographic with its concise information and colorful images and it’s like a spa day for our overworked minds. We like visual images and we process them a lot quicker. Plus, infographics are fun and usually colorful and informative, which is why I’m sharing the infographic below with you today. (You’re welcome).

Katchup.com created a handy infographic with everything a photography beginner needs to know when learning about their camera. This complete guide starts with exposure and briefly covers everything from metering modes, composition, depth of field, and more. And for your viewing pleasure, a cute little koala bear as your Vanna White.


As with many infographics, it’s clear and easy to understand which makes it a great tool to share with those at the very start of their photography journey. Of course, if you want to have a complete education in photography, look no further than our Photography 101 Workshop DVD. It goes in depth into all the concepts you see in the infographic and a lot more. Using basic camera equipment (how many of you started with a kit from Costco? I did), we show you how to master your gear and take great images. Right now, Photography 101 and all of our educational products are 30% until December 26th (you procrastinators), so use the code happyholidays30 and get all your last minute shopping done in one fell swoop.