We’re in the age of AI and it’s about to transform how we approach art and creativity. Today, I’m joining pro-retoucher, Pratik Naik, to discuss how AI generated art will impact the creative industry.

Video: How Will AI Generated Art Change the Creative Industry?

So far, AI technology has only been used in the form of plugins and tools designed to speed up certain editing tasks.  However, you may have heard of Midjourney, the most popular among several recent AI programs that can generate their own artwork.

Pratik and I were invited to test out Midjourney during their beta phases and the results were incredible. Not only was the AI able to interpret abstract concepts, it was even able to emulate other artists’ styles.

As a creative, this technology raises tons of questions. What does this mean for the future of certain creative fields such as illustration and graphic design? What about photographers? How can we integrate this technology into our creative processes?

Today’s video is in a podcast style as Pratik and I dive deep into how this revolutionary AI technology will impact us all as creatives.

Check out some of the AI generated art along with the descriptions we used to create them.

ai generated art indian woman
“Symmetrical portrait of an Indian woman painted”
ai generated art vormir
“Mysteries of the universe standing on Vormir”
“A very strange fashion show in Paris alien cloth”
ai generated art hokusai
“Hokusai illustrated the Emei Mountains in China”

I hope you enjoyed the conversation! Before you go, be to check out Pratik’s work on Solstice Retouch as well as Infinite Tools.

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