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18 Jul 2024

Mini Sessions

Term: Mini Sessions
Description: Mini sessions in photography are short photography sessions, usually around 20 minutes each. In contrast to a regular photo session, a mini session is typically lower in price and shorter in duration. They typically offer fewer location options, fewer images in the final delivery to the client.

Mini Session FAQs

What’s the difference between a Mini Session and a Regular Photo Session?

A mini session is similar to a regular photo session but with a reduced scope.  While every photographer has his or her own mini session packages, generally, mini session are like regular photo sessions that are cut down by 1/4th.  So if a regular photo session is $1,000, a mini session might be $250.  If a regular session is 1 hour, a mini session might be 15 minutes.  While this is not true for all photography studios, the general rule of thumb will apply often.

mini sessions

What are common mini session packages?

The following is an example of a mini session package:

  • 1 location
  • 15-20 minutes
  • 5-10 final images, fully post produced, full resolution files
  • Styled theme – the backdrop and other props included
  • Limited to 5 family members, $25/additional family member
  • Price: $250

See sample Mini Session for Line and Roots.

How much does a mini session cost?

There are three common ways photographers price mini sessions:

  • sitting fee pricing model
  • shoot and burn digital pricing model
  • hybrid pricing model.

Sitting fee pricing model – Some photographers price their mini sessions as a sitting fee, with a lower cost for the session but with no physical prints or digital files included.  These then have to be purchased separately.

Shoot and burn digital pricing model – With this pricing model, the price includes a set number of digital files, fully post produced and typically delivered via an online client gallery.

Hybrid pricing model – With this pricing model, the photographer includes a few digital files and hopes or expects the clients to order more photos, either digital files or physical prints.

What Are Common Mini Session Times?

mini session family photos

Holiday or Christmas Mini photo sessions – Before the holidays are the most common time photographers offer mini sessions.  This is to satisfy the need for holiday or Christmas family pictures that clients send out to their family and friends.

Fall Mini Sessions – Back to school is also a common time for mini sessions.

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