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17 May 2022


The act of placing two or more things side by side often to compare or contrast or to create an interesting effect. In photography, juxtaposition of subject matter creates a visual contrast between elements. The differences and contrast can be used to create interest, emphasize a subject or concept, or add to the storytelling effect. Here are a few examples of how photographers and cinematographers use juxtaposition in their work. 1) Juxtaposition of colors - Visual artists will sometimes use contrasting colors or selective color, where everything in a photo is in Grayscale except a single object. 2) Juxtaposition of size - Visual artists will sometimes place elements of different sizes to emphasize the largeness or smallness of an object. 3) Juxtaposition of emotion - Visual artists will place elements with opposite or contrasting emotion for storytelling effect. For example, placing the emotion of suffering in a scene with laughter and happiness will emphasize the suffering. 4) Juxtaposition of characters - A visual artist can also juxtapose character types, bringing together heroes and villains and other characters thought to be opposites of each other.

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