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21 Apr 2024

Balanced Composition

bǽlənst kàmpəzɪ́ʃən
Term: Balanced Composition
Description: A balanced composition is a compositional choice in art in which the frame feels balanced. Different compositional aspects carry “weight,” for example brightness, color, and placement of the main subject. To create a balanced composition these things must be taken into consideration and distributed around the frame for a balanced feel. As with anything in art, a composition does not have to be balanced, but it’s a good idea to understand what this means so you can make a conscious decision whether to use a balanced or an unbalanced composition.

Why is Balanced Composition Effective?

Balanced composition is an effective tool for creating visually appealing images in photography. It involves evenly distributing elements throughout the frame or scene to achieve a pleasing visual effect. By using balanced composition, photographers have the ability to draw attention to specific elements of the image, resulting in more interesting and captivating images. Furthermore, balanced composition can increase the sense of emotion in photos by adding a sense of harmony and equilibrium – everything working together in perfect balance to make a beautiful piece of art. It is therefore no surprise that balanced composition is an essential consideration for all photographers wanting to take their artwork to the next level.

Example of Balanced Composition

In the photo below, notice how the sun balances out the couple in the left of the frame.

incredible vacation photos composition in desert

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Understanding Balance in Photography

Balance is a compositional technique in photography that juxtaposes images within a frame so that the objects are of equal visual weight. When different parts of a photo command your attention equally, perfect balance is achieved. In photography, there are two main techniques of balance you should be aware of: formal and informal. We’ll discuss the difference between each and how they can affect your photo.