We recently reviewed the CamRanger, an awesome device that allows you to control your DSLR wirelessly. The biggest complaint that most of you, and I to be honest, have with the CamRanger system is its relatively high price tag. For those of you who like me do not have the $$$ to grab a CamRanger I recently found this system that is cheaper and surprisingly offers most of the same features, all for under $50.

The base of this DIY (kinda sorta) system is an android app called DSLR Controller, available on Google Play for just $7.99. When used in conjunction with a TP-Link TL-MR3040 usb wireless router (available for around $36.99) you can have full wireless control of your Canon DSLR. Check out the video below as a demonstration:

I can not speak to how this compares to the actual CamRanger system in use, but the features available are certainly impressive. The problem here comes to compatibility, according to the website DSLR Controller has some issues with certain android devices. That said, if you do have a device that is supported then this seems to be a great alternative system to a CamRanger.

What are your thoughts on this system? Have you used it? How do you think it compares to the CamRanger system? Share your thoughts in a comment below.