I’m on this DIY kick lately, maybe because it’s summer and I feel the need to make stuff or I’m on a budget and am forced to be creative on where my money goes. I think it’s a little of both actually.

A good lens filter, like the Black ProMist Filter, is gonna cost you. Depending on the thread size of your lens, you’re looking at shelling out around $100 or more of your hard earned money. In the following video made by Film Riot, Ryan Connelly shows us how to use a pair of fishnet stockings to create a very similar effect. He also uses a pair of panty hose to create a more dramatic filter effect. It’s a nice little trick that isn’t a new revelation by any means, but I would’ve never thought of using my stockings over my lens as a filter.



The other part of the video shows a few inexpensive lights you can purchase for around $20-30 bucks. The LED headlight he mentions probably isn’t one I would use, simply because I’m vain, errr, I mean, I don’t use the spotlight look all that much, but the $20-25 Energizer Folding Lantern that Ryan shows looks to be an awesome little addition that I’m going to add to my kit. I can see myself using that light as a little extra oomph for some fun ring shots and/or detail shots on a wedding day. Or even kicking some light on the bride in the hotel room. The possibilities to be creative are endless when you have light to play with.

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What are your favorite DIY photography hacks?

[Via No Film School]